MR Johno

We were getting quotes for a New HWS as we knew our hot water system unit was nearing its end, I flicked Robert from HWM ( Barnsley ) an email Sunday night, Monday morning I had a reply and a quote, which was very competitive, I made contact with HWM accepting the quote & asked when they could do it. Long story short it was supplied, installed and up and running by that afternoon.

Nathan who done the install is an absolute Gentleman, knows exactly what needs to be done, Is extremely polite, courteous, and very professional, takes Pride in not only his Installation process, but the removal of the old unit, he was happy to answer all questions we had asked him regarding the New system, his attention to detail is first class especially his pipe work. Highly recommend HWM ( Barnsley ) for anything Hot Water related.

Thanks Nathan, Love Ya Work W&L from Wangi